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StatusProductGradeSizePIP CodeMSDSCofA
Lactic AcidBP250ml077-2921
Lactose PharmaceuticalBP500g102-3928
Lactose PharmaceuticalBP5kg076-8499
P1Lead Acetate 500g077-5544
Lemon SpiritBP100ml110-3837
Light Liquid ParaffinBP500ml102-4421
Light Liquid ParaffinBP2L074-0068
Light Liquid ParaffinBP25L079-3752
Linseed Oil RawBP500ml078-5634
Linseed Oil RawBP2L078-5626
Linseed Oil RawBP5L078-5618
ZLiquid Glucose140g102-3977
ZLiquid Glucose500g102-3985
ZLiquid Glucose5kg102-3993
Liquid ParaffinBP500ml111-4768
Liquid ParaffinBP2L102-4413
Liquid ParaffinBP5L074-0134
Liquid ParaffinBP25L059-5124
P Liquid Paraffin & Magnesium Hydroxide EmulsionBP150ml105-4279
PLiquid Paraffin & Magnesium Hydroxide EmulsionBP2L105-4287
Liquid Paraffin 50% in White Soft Paraffin 250g102-4009
PLiquid Paraffin EmulsionBP500ml079-0600
Liquorice Liquid ExtractBP500ml102-4017
Liquorice Liquid Extract BP2L102-4025
P1Lysol (Cresol & Soap Solution)BP 19682L102-4074
P1Lysol (Cresol & Soap Solution)BP 19685L102-4082

Status/Grade Abbreviations
AFGAnimal Food Grade IIngredient for Pharmaceutical use only
ARAnalytical Reagent NNet Price - no discount available
BPComplies with British Pharmacopoeia PPharmacy Only Licensed Product
BPCComplies with British Pharmaceutical Codex P1Included in part 1 of the Poisons List
BSBritish Standard P2Included in part 2 of the Poisons List
CD5Limited Control under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 1985 POMPrescription Only Medicine
F&DFood and Drug Grade TechTechnical Grade
FGFood Grade VETLicensed Veterinary Product
GSLGeneral Sales List Licensed Product ZZero rated for VAT purposes

Products highlighted in blue are JML Licensed products

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